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10 июля 2017, 20:29

BlackBerry now shipping KEYone with improved display adhesive


The BlackBerry KEYone, manufactured by TCL, went on sale in the United States back at the end of May, and now that units are arriving in customers’ hands, some issues have been discovered.

Namely, it was found that the display on the KEYone could simply pop off the phone when dropped or suffering any kind of impact. At the time it was rumored that the KEYone simply didn’t feature any adhesive at all to keep the screen in place, but that was quickly shot down by TCL and BlackBerry, which admitted the adhesive it did use was not good enough. Moreover, the company said it would start using a better adhesive in newly-minted units off product lines.

Now that time has come. The official BlackBerry Mobile Twitter account offered that “additional measures” are “already in place” in a reply to a customer bringing up the display issue. The tweet also included a link to a forum post, where the company confirmed that they are using a better adhesive to keep the screen in place.

If you want to check out the original video showing the screen popping off, here it is:

The company also notes that any issues with the screen falling off is covered by the device’s warranty, so that if a customer who already owns a KEYone does face the issue, there’s an avenue to get a replacement unit.

If you own a KEYone, did you have any problems with your screen?

Source: http://androidandme.com/2017/07/news/blackberry-keyone-improved-display-adhesive/